This one’s for my old Fugly followers…

I know this is supposed to just be my VLC blog, but he approved this post and is happy his Mommy never sent him to a douchebag like Randy Byers.  For anyone unfamiliar with Mr. Byers (consider yourself lucky), here is my original blog on him:

One Down, Way Too Many To Go!

Today I got an awesome update on what Mr. Byers has been doing – cooling his heels in a Canadian jail.

Randy Byers Caught By Police Hiding In Horse Trailer

Also, Katherine Swan wrote a great follow-up blog on Randy.  She did good research so check it out!

And remember, friends don’t let friends send their horses to Randy the Murderer Byers! If you know about an abusive trainer, it’s your job to get the word out and prevent another horse from suffering and possibly dying. Don’t keep quiet!

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