The Big Yellow Money Vacuum Rides Again

For the 3 of you still following this 🙂

70.625% first time out with his current trainer.

I have no idea why I want so badly for this horse to have a show career in something. I think at this point I have so much money into him that I can’t stand for all his training to go to waste, LOL!  Anyway, I know he has his fan club and I wanted to reassure you all that he is alive and well and still with me.

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  1. Yay! And he’s still pretty as ever!

  2. You can still show him as a gelding, right? He’s still pretty even without his balls 🙂

  3. Looked you up today after reading about the owner of “Dual Peppy” and that poor horse’s neglect–so happy to see Big Yellow Caddi doing well. Come back to us; your voice is missed!

  4. I just randomly looked this blog back up, and am thrilled to see an update! Please… We need our great bloggers back!

  5. Glad to see he’s out and about again! Wondered if he was up to anything.

  6. He’s gorgeous! and his gait looks so smooth and flowing, I was transfixed. I did notice that as he came out of the jog, he seemed to be favoring the right hind leg, it seemed very stiff. does he have an old injury there?

    • It’s the PSSM. He will always have some hind end stiffness as a result of it, but it’s mild as long as he stays in regular work.

      • I could seriously watch him jog all day 🙂 He’s beautiful.

  7. So happy to see an update. Love him he is so cute. Hope his training is going well.

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