Just a photo update post

…you know, for the six of you who still care and the three of you who are bound and determined to find me one day starving my horses and doing all the things I ever criticized  😉  Sorry to disappoint…

Big fat lazy yellow money vacuum…living better than I probably EVER will on my dime.

Bridal Chatter, last year’s rescue…going to her first show next month 🙂

Finally got the ribs to go away!

Finally got the ribs to go away!

Show Ticket, Enumclaw Auction of February 2011…was it 2011? I think so. She’s good. Happily adopted.

Nom nom nom

Nom nom nom

The Big Yellow Money Vacuum’s oops son (from BEFORE I owned him, foaled 2 months after I bought him…learn math before you accuse me of goofy shit online). Very wild also as you can see, this was his first ride in over a year.

Zzzzzzzzzz….bucking would be too much work. When is dinner?

The Big Yellow Money Vacuum’s oops daughter (see above). She went to training this past year and did very well!

Libby, first week of training

Libby, first week of training

And finally, Petersburg Knight – remember him? He’s still with the original adopter and has been on every trail in the Seattle area at this point. He is a rockstar.

Best OTTB trail horse in the world!

Oh, and MeSue Babcock still sucks. PK’s adopter managed to rescue the OTHER TB from the same deployed Army owner that MeSue conned out of him way back when. Of course the feet were shit, he was thin, etc. He’s fine now. What an awesome happy ending!

Now for what you all care about – YES, I am getting the classic Fugly blog up again for reference (2007-2011). Should be up soon. Will be posting a link here when it is.

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  1. Cool, can’t wait to see Fugly archives back up. I don’t know if I’m one of the nine or if you have 10 followers. Big Yellow looks good.

  2. I think I’m number eleven! 🙂 I’m so glad for the update! That big handsome buckskin looks great! Happy for all the good news C!

  3. Glad to see everyone in good shape! Is FHOTD dead now, for good?

    • No, I’m trying to get it back up but I don’t have the technical know how so I’m just waiting on those who do!

  4. I will be excited to have the archived Fuglys back up as well.

    • Unfortunately the backup we thought we had didn’t work.

  5. To edit – it’s not going back up. We thought we had a backup that worked. We didn’t. The only person who has the original content is, I assume, this Ontario person who owned it last. I don’t know her, have never talked to her, and the bottom line is I sold the content fair and square so if the current owner of the content isn’t using it, that’s their right.

  6. Any chance you have a copy of your information on feeding an elderly, underweight horse somewhere? I’ve got a friend with a ~32 year old horse which is pretty badly underweight. Horse is a 32 year old mare, Arab / QH cross. She’s been underweight for several years, the vet has run bloodwork and not found any underlying problems. She is getting 3 coffee cans of senior feed a day, and all the hay which she’ll eat, but is still badly underweight and has a very patchy winter coat growing in (she will be blanketed for winter). Horse is kept in a paddock with a shed, and not currently ridden or exercised.

    Any suggestions for what to try?

  7. Hey, I had a sudden urge to look up the VLC, he is looking very happy. As for FHOTD is it possible to start again. Your take on things was always enlightening. I stopped reading when you weren’t the writer.

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