The big yellow money vacuum continues to suck it up…

To summarize since my last update: BYMV was sound, going great, started over fences and then got ouchy on the stifle again. *sigh* Even with daily turnout for a few hours, stall life just isn’t for him so he’s back where he can have a paddock and where there are hills so that he can do some hill work. We shall see how it goes. Estron has been recommended to me for the stifle – any experiences you care to share?

Now for the rescue horses! Show Ticket, who was pulled out of the kill pen in February 2011, has gone off to training and we’re hoping to have her ready for a new home soon. She is solid w-t-c and reportedly has been GREAT about trails. Very steady and sensible. So if you know of anyone looking for a clean legged smaller Thoroughbred mare with a brain, send them to me. She is 16 years old and currently located in Eastern WA. I should have some video soon!

The most recent rescue, Bridal Chatter (Mike’s Auction of May 2012), just had surgery for the proud flesh on her ankle. She is recovering nicely and getting a recheck by the vet tomorrow. Except for the proud flesh (ugly untreated wire cut from the look of it) she seems sound, so I’m excited to see what she can do after we resolve this. She is only 10, so she has a lot of performing years left!

One week post surgery on the ugly injury:

My friend pulled this mare, Poke Along, out of the kill pen last fall. She had sold for $85 at the auction. Not bad, huh?

So what is new with you? Who has rescued something new this year and how are they doing?

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  1. Well, random check in and there’s a blog! 🙂 Cool!

    My mini-Cooper has locking stifles; I was going to research Estron and/or surgery/injections, but as an experiment I have put him on glucosamine for a month (AniMed brand) and his stifles have stopped locking. Don’t know why – they were getting pretty bad, and now they have not locked that I know of in about two weeks. So for now, I’m keeping with that. I’ve also read that teeth needing work can cause stifles to lock up…would have to look up where I read that, something about the mouth pain, and my equine dentist agrees.

    Rescues… two kittens for me, and finally talked my mom into getting a cat and a kitten from a rescue instead of petshop or breeder! Victory in two ways…she is in her late 70s, her old cats had died, she was depressed – you know, giving away stuff, making lists of who gets what – and now she’s back to her bubbly self, and she is having a blast with her two Siamese-mixes.

    And helped place two Paso’s before they ended up on the way to auction…felt great about that.

  2. Poke Along is too cute! I wish I had the room for another 🙂

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