This one’s for my old Fugly followers…

I know this is supposed to just be my VLC blog, but he approved this post and is happy his Mommy never sent him to a douchebag like Randy Byers.  For anyone unfamiliar with Mr. Byers (consider yourself lucky), here is my original blog on him:

One Down, Way Too Many To Go!

Today I got an awesome update on what Mr. Byers has been doing – cooling his heels in a Canadian jail.

Randy Byers Caught By Police Hiding In Horse Trailer

Also, Katherine Swan wrote a great follow-up blog on Randy.  She did good research so check it out!

And remember, friends don’t let friends send their horses to Randy the Murderer Byers! If you know about an abusive trainer, it’s your job to get the word out and prevent another horse from suffering and possibly dying. Don’t keep quiet!

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  1. nice to see this, and thanks for the follow-up.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! We’re working hard to out him in Canada, but even with the evidence, people are quite content to just look the other way… Or even worse, ignore the facts and still send their horses to him!

    His deportation was the best thing that could have happened, hopefully he won’t be stupid enough to try and cross the border again.

  3. I bet our friend Randy is just DELIGHTED to now be sporting the title of “illegal immigrant” 😀

  4. actually randy, or his “owner”, jen johnson is back posting on facebook apologizing to the “Federal Republic of Canada.” He acts as if he got caught jaywalking instead of being detained for illegally entering a foreign country. His koolaid drinking followers keep posting about the wonders of randy, and anyone who has a bad word to say gets their post yanked.

    the canadian woman who drove him across the border while he hid in the trailer is now being held in canada facing her own charges.

    a new facebook page has been created called Randy Byers Under the Bus for uncensored comments about this idiot. feel free to like the page.

    • cathy, randy has reappeared back in washington and is posting on facebook again. sorry for the bad news.

  5. The reason he’s got those comments on is that Jen Johnson who runs Midwest Western Dressage is his Damage Control Queen! She’s the one deleting any negative comments then banning them from posting again. She’s leaving on the Kool-Aid drinkers comments. Are they stupid??? YUP.
    Byers got the boot for illegally coming into Canada. His Canadian sidekick Marci Brown is taking the shit for the whole thing as SHE went to Michigan and drove him and the trailer into Canada with HIM hiding in the back. He was that STUPID to try it again, and he got caught.
    Not selling horses? My ass. It was posted all over the facebook pages. Not giving a clinic? Look on their pages again, or Google it as it might have gotten deleted. It’s easily found. She’s as guilty as him. Guilty by association, and by her actions.
    You can’t fix stupid, so UNDER THE BUS they both go.
    Go to RANDY BYERS UNDER THE BUS on Facebook. We don’t censor anything.

  6. The charges on Marci Brown are public information. Call the Sarnia Courthouse at 519-333-2950.

  7. Hope he finds a buddy in his cell named “Bubba” who shows him what natural is all about.

  8. To me it’s just so easy to call that one out– you go to his Youtube videos, you sit for a few minutes, and you listen to him talk all about the right way to ride horses, while wearing spurs and holding not one but TWO whips. Anyone who gets duped by someone like that is just begging to be called stupid.

  9. Remember that site?

    They have an adorable video of a “carrot jockey” and it looks like mom is doing everything right 🙂

  10. …he has a record for assault (his wife) THAT is why he is divorced. Following the divorce he fled to mexico as several of her relatives were ready to string him up. That is also why he did not apply for a visa to work in Canada, he knew that with his criminal record there was no way that Canadian authorities would grant one to someone with a criminal record. (It all comes out eventually)

  11. Well Randy Byers is at it again. This time he’s opened up the Northwest Western Dressage website. He did time in Canada and is now back in Washington State. His sidekick Marci Case-Brown is on indictable charges facing jail time if convicted in Canada.

    Now he’s formed this bogus org, taking $25 a shot at a subscription. Another scam. People beware! You don’t see his name, but he wouldn’t get suckers to press the subscribe button and get money if he did that. He refers to the WDAA like he’s their best friend, and his membership is revoked! It sounds legit! But, where’s the pics of Randy???? Oh I forgot, he can’t ride, he just abuses horses and rips people off. He has not a clue about Western Dressage, his only clue is how to pull dollars out of peoples’ bank accounts. All the photos on there are from his illegal visits to Canada. Why in the heck would anyone be gullible enough to send him money? But, like any scam artist, he figures out he can get money out of the weak and uneducated.
    But wait….he’s bought the URL’s for and He’s trying to corner the market…..He’s a SCAM artist. Don’t forget to tell all your friends that he’s baaack. Isn’t there a law against this type of thing?

  12. Oh, and the Video is back. Byers was going to take it and use it as a training video. WTF?
    And beware of Jen Johnson. She operates there’s the spin doctor for Byers. Keep well away from the both of them.

  13. I am doing my best to shut Marci Case-Brown down around Sarnia Ontario She is doing her utmost now to tuck herself in with my boyfriend who defended her on charges. I am also aware of Randy Byers. She is looking to get protected by a wealthy experienced lawyer……who is mine and I will shut her down. And I am also a animal lover and activist and have just learned of all of your information. I understand our local Humane Society (of which I am a board member) has many complaints against her with her horse business. The lawyer involved has asked me to produce all information regarding all complaints of her and would declare a conflict of interest to defend her on charges. Recently she has come to him with a fire loss insurance claim on her residential barn where there was a fire and a goat perished. Please send all information about her to Thank you so much Judy Luckham

  14. Seems like Marci Brown keeps evading the law. Perhaps this time she will get caught. I hope you can throw the book at her. She should never be allowed to be around horses ever again. Fire? Sounds like another scam in her VERY LARGE collection.
    I hope everyone will come forward with their complaints that have been made against her, and also the people who she has scammed.

  15. That whole situation disgusts me. They are both horse abusers. Marci starves them. But wait……9 months after the video of him smacking that poor Saddlebred mare around, HE POSTS HIS REBUTTAL VIDEO! Anyone in their right mind can see that horse was being confused! And why the two whips, and the big spurs. That rebuttal video makes me laugh. He’s so stupid, he swipes the video of the grey horse rearing from someone elses’ channel, but failed to read the bottom of the video where the owner says the horse never reared before that and they found an abcess in the horses’ foot the next day. Maybe Randy should find another occupation. I hear McDonalds is hiring in Yelm.
    All in trying to cover his ass. What about the owner of the Saddlebred’s mare opinion. But that’s Randy, he always thinks he’s right, and his shit don’t stink.
    The Saddlebred NEVER had a problem rearing according to the owner.

  16. Previous to any knowledge regarding Marci I purchased a 12yr old quarter horse mare from Marci in July of 2012 for my 2yr old son. I was assured that the mare was boom proof.
    Upon getting her home she bolted backwards out of the trailer. Marci was unreachable regarding the senerio despite several of my follow up attempts.
    I then started tracking the mares history back through her previous owners on her registration papers and found that the mare has always had a severe trailing issues since she was a foal.
    I also learned that our new family member was purchased by Marci from her second owner(Marci being the third owner) for $500.00 because the mare had a medical issue with tying up, and was supposed to be kept on a particular diet … That of which was explained to Marci at the time of purchase.
    Soooo I paid $3000.00 dollars for a horse that was not “bombproof” and would have seriously injured anyone standing behind her at time of unloading, in addition to having difficulties with tying up, and no knowledge of her dietary concerns/restrictions for a 2yr old child… All of which Marci was completely aware of, and shared ABSOLUTELY nothing of.
    I am please to say that other than her trailer isn’t issue Lacey is a wonderful horse that to date has been fabulous with children. We have now had her a little over a year, and she will remain with us until her last day … However … The children are not permitted to load or unload her off the trailer.
    The really difficult thing for me is that Marci knew that this horse was for a 2yr old child, and still never mentioned anything to us as we left for home with her, with a huge red ribbon around her neck, knowing that a 2yr old would be there as Lacey was proudly being brought home and unloaded – it could have resulted in a fatal nightmare.

    Marci you should hang your head in self disgust for putting a 2yr old child in immediate danger!!

    You Marci are exactly the same as any other child abuser out there, wilful and negligent actively taking part in orchestrating a senerio to knowingly cause harm to a child.


  17. The video seems to have been pulled. Does anyone have a copy? Randy has inserted himself in the Andalusian/Lusitano circles, he’s now into Working Equitation. Would be helpful to warn them with facts & proof.

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