So I (a) found my password and (b) have something to talk about.

The damn horse is FINALLY SOUND AGAIN and BACK IN WORK.  I am stunned.  I had sort of resigned myself to the idea that it was only a matter of time before he headed to Paradigm Farm and walked around for the next 25 years or so being shiny and begging for cookies.  But no, completely ignoring him all summer except for turning him out daily seemed to be the magic cure.  He’s fine now.  He flex tested fine.  His x-rays are fine.  I’m also super happy that his feet look like they used to again after a year of barefoot.  I am far from being a barefoot-only person, but in this case, this horse needed to be barefoot so that his feet could regain their natural shape.  My vet swears she has some farrier suggestions for me that won’t screw him up, so I’m going to put some front shoes back on him now so that we can trail ride. It’s pretty rocky here and I don’t see the Princess being able to hack it barefoot.  I have Cavallo boots but they always seem to cause rubs – any thoughts on that from those of you who use them?  At any rate, I’m beyond ecstatic that I can ride him again, because he really is one of the best darn things I’ve ever sat on in my life.

My other piece of exciting news is that his first son, Bullwinkle (aka Caddis Cool Dorado) is under saddle!  Bullwinkle was an oops from a night of freedom the Big Yellow Money Vacuum enjoyed the year before I purchased him.  He turned three in May and his first ride was yesterday.  The trainer reported no spook or buck, acted like he’d done it a million times.  I said, yeah, chip off the old block for sure.  Conformationally, he has a better hip than his sire, but a worse neck.  Sort of what I expected from looking at the dam.

That’s Bullwinkle, above.  I’ll have to add a picture of the dam, Ima Cool Success, later, but basically he has her conformation with the Big Yellow Money Vacuum’s color.  She is a really calm mare, too, although no one will ever know how she would have ridden as she got hurt young and was unsound ever since.  The nice thing about having a better hip and worse neck  is that you can’t change a hip that much, but you can change a neck a lot – or the appearance of a neck – with work.    Then there are things you can’t change at all, like the shoulder, which thank heavens is pretty darn nice.  I suspect he’ll be as much of a couch to ride as his dad.  You can sit the BYMV’s fast trot without even trying, a big plus for people like me with crappy, chronic lower back pain!

So that is about the update for now…Thanks for all the messages about missing my writing on the Fuglyblog. I will probably write some guest blogs. I have a topic right now I’m dying to attack – trainers thinking the client horses are THEIR horses and forgetting those horses HAVE an owner who ultimately gets to make all the decisions about the horse.  That’ll be a lively one, won’t it?  😉




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