Merry Christmas!

Well, I don’t have much to talk about. With the recent blizzards, the VLC’s progress has come to a screeching halt because I can’t get out to the barn he’s at. I haven’t made it further than the grocery store in over a week.

For those of you in the Midwest or East coast who think I am a wussy, let me explain what happens when it snows in the PNW:


Yes, that’s right. Because it’s such an infrequent occurrence, we are not set up for it and so nothing gets plowed, salted or sanded. It just sits there on the road. Everything closes up and you are expected to simply stay home. So, despite three decades mostly in Wisconsin and good winter driving skills, this time I am stuck. I am assured that the VLC is fine and that a friend actually made him a nice hot mash with peppermints in it the other day. He goes out in the indoor with the geldings and they play tarp tug-o-war. Well, the other gelding is trying to teach it to him. He hasn’t quite caught on yet, and simply drops it and lets the other guy have it. He’s not the most competitive, ha ha.

*shrug* What can you do? Can’t fight Mother Nature! The VLC blog will return when the weather cooperates and he can get his furry oversized butt back to work. For those who missed this in the comments, he’s been seen by the vet and put back to work – slow conditioning, backing up in hand and hill work if we can find a hill (nothing on the property, unfortunately). It was his stifle, as I thought, plus he was a little bit out in the hip so that got fixed. He also needs work on neck flexibility so he was prescribed carrot stretches. The VLC thinks the vet-chiropractor was like the best idea ever.

So that’s it for now – Hope you and your horses are having a wonderful holiday season!

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