Cross your fingers…

I finally got the vet I wanted (the vet who is also a chiropractor) scheduled to see the VLC and hopefully figure out what is going on with his very mild left hind lameness. We discussed it on the phone and she thought he might be out in the back which honestly would not surprise me as he is a big goofy dork and does things like jump sideways on to his gelding friends and fall off, and he has been doing things like that as long as I have known him. So, please cross your fingers that we can resolve this and get his big furry butt off to training ASAP!

In the meantime, allow me to introduce my next project. Sly is a young buckskin and white APHA mare who had 30 days of training on her a year or two ago. I am assured she did not make any effort to kill anyone during that process and that she will welcome further training. 🙂 She is a very sweet and people-friendly mare, and we have always gotten along well, so I’m looking forward to working with her. Her bloodlines look like she ought to be interested in cows, so I am hoping that is true because I’d like to do a lot more of that stuff myself. I’m dying to have my own cutting horse but that is probably several years down the road, so in the meantime I’d be very happy indeed if I had something I could go team sorting on, and Sly might be it!

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