Slow going…

Not much to write about because not much is happening! I’m trying to get in touch with a highly-recommended chiropractor to give the VLC an adjustment and see if we can get him back to 100%. I’m sure if I trotted him past 100 people, 99 would ask me WTF I was talking about, but one of you would see what I’m seeing…slightly uneven on the left hind. I’ve been keeping him in more and only turning out in the arena since we’ve had a monsoon here and everything outside is slop. He doesn’t seem to care. He’s certainly an easy horse – he’s happy living outside, he’s happy living in a stall. Nothing in the world stresses this horse. He’ll deal well with the horseshow life.

We’re taking it very slow with Lucy. She’s still very nervous about ground work so the current goal is longeing at the walk without thinking we’re going to eat her. She remains unconvinced, but I think it will just take time. She’s so much better on the ground than she used to be that I know she’ll come around with time. We are still trying to ID her – I sent off pics and info to the Thoroughbred Protective Association for the really high-tech search this week so I’ll let you know if we get a hit!

The Drama pony is doing very well. As I think I mentioned, we found an even smaller rider for her – and one who has more recent jumping experience – so she is learning to jump and getting close to being ready for her first schooling show. I can’t wait to post those pictures so you can all see – she is just adorable over fences, but they have to be high enough or she is lazy. It’s just so easy for her.

All right, hopefully someone else has something more exciting to report! I may have a new project to talk about soon, but I’ll bet some of you have a new project already. Fill us in!

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