Just one of those times…

I don’t have anything to write about because I’m busy working on the new web site and all I do in the barn is chores! My stalls are clean, pails are clean and full, paddocks all got mucked yesterday, aisle swept, old mares got baths yesterday and tails conditioned (boy was the Crabby Old Bat so not thrilled with being tied to a tree to dry off…she got me back by rubbing her nice clean neck all over the tree and getting sap on it) and I haven’t ridden anything. I was finally going to tonight, and then the barn owner decided to replace the light bulbs in the indoor arena (for which I AM grateful, as it needed to be done).

So, uh, yeah. So much for the training blog ’cause all I’m doing is barn work and grooming! I hope the rest of you have more exciting things to report – fill me in. On the plus side, Lucy is really starting to like people now…she followed me all around yesterday while I was picking up poop and was nosy and everything. I love watching her start to seek out attention and seek out human contact. She was so “shut down” this summer. I haven’t gotten her to make a face for wither scratches yet, but I will. In the meantime, the Crabby Old Bat is enjoying them…

I spend a lot of time scratching my horses, and would actually really love to learn equine massage. My best friend does it professionally and I love watching her work on the horses. They all look so darn happy. I figure anything that helps them relax around people and enjoy human company, particularly if they’re rescues or horses with questionable past experiences. I was told that the COB was originally trained by a girl who implemented a training device known as a barbed wire necklace. I thought that had to be an exaggeration, but a little investigation and I learned that this training trick actually exists – you use a piece of barbed wire, one would assume wrapped on the ends so that you can hold it, around the horse’s lower neck/chest, to force them to rock back on their hocks. The mare is so psycho about having her chest area touched that this story makes perfect sense. Blanketing her takes two people because she will chomp you when you go to fasten the neck. Now I know why. Yes, the more I hear about some people’s training methods, the more I understand why there are so many crabby old horses out there who have just had enough, thank you very much.
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