Things I used to know about riding…

And still know, but seem to have lost the ability to implement particularly in the split-second when I need to do it!

1. OTTB’s don’t stand still. Just get your toe in the stirrup, grab a good handful of mane and haul your ass up there as they trot off. It’ll be fine!

2. Of course the pony is going to be better if you ride 6 days a week as opposed to 3, dumbass. Why are you acting surprised by this? This is how ponies have been since the dawn of time. Did you forget?

3. They can’t buck if they’re going forward so all you have to do is boot them in the ribs and they won’t be able to buck hard enough to launch you if they can buck at all. If you hunch over and freeze the moment they start bucking, yeah, you’re gonna eat dirt.

4. Oh, and LEAN BACK if they buck. You knew this when you were 16. It was second nature. How is it that now you hunch over? Do you think that will work better? How’s that going so far?

5. In your entire riding career, you have been spooked out from under all of twice. So why do you get nervous when they are spooky? You have taken cutting lessons, and did fine. They don’t spook any harder than they dodge following a cow. It is the exact same motion.

6. Taking the easy way out doesn’t get the horse trained. Bailing while you know you can still safely land on your feet when a horse is brewing up an explosion may be the easy way out but it doesn’t solve the problem at all. (Who else has developed the “emergency dismount” response? I particularly have it when trying to trail ride. If they start jogging or being stupid or acting like they want to go home, I am on my feet beside them in half a second. Then I regret it and think, you moron, how is that going to fix it? Ride it out. But then I can’t get back on because they’re jogging and being stupid and I’m not coordinated enough to get on jogging, stupid horses anymore…*sigh* This is why I mostly stay in the arena, where I feel safe. And I know it’s mental because I feel safe in a pasture made of one strand of hot tape, too. You KNOW that would not actually stop a horse, but it stops my fears. Go figure.)

OK, I know I’m not the only one. What have you forgotten that you used to know (or just forgotten how to make yourself do?)

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  1. Trail ride up and down steep hills. I dismount because my gelding likes to bolt up and down and I don’t like it.

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