The turtle and the hare!

Right now I have both of them to ride!

The turtle is Casper. Casper is a three year old APHA filly that was rescued and donated to Cowgirl Spirit. From pretty much day one, her attitude about riding has been “okay, whatever, and can I have a cookie now?” Juliane rode her bareback the first ride. I believe she trail rode her on ride #2. I got her after that and the only real challenge we’ve had is that she doesn’t see any reason why she should have to go faster than a walk. Just like Bessie, she is pretty much bomb proof quiet at the walk but now has to learn the other gaits. She is so smooth once you get her going that it’s just a pleasure to ride – one of those trots you can sit even if it’s fast – and “level” is her natural head set. Casper’s only about 14.3 so normally I would think that’s a little tougher size to place, but in her case she’s a born youth horse. It really isn’t going to take much to get her ready to progress with a kid (or petite adult) who has a trainer, so I don’t expect to be writing about her for long. If you think you might be interested, let me know! (Please put CASPER in the subject line). She does have papers, in order and ready to transfer, so she’s eligible for APHA competitions and programs.
This was ride #4. As you can see, she is not actually awake

Then there’s the hare. The hare is a pony named Drama. My friends rescued her from a scary chicken barn thanks to a Craigslist ad, and they made a great call, because this pony is a “10” mover and I mean a “10” mover. I mean, a holy-crap-this-pony-could-go-to-the-A-shows mover.

The Drama pony, so named because at first everything they did with her involved a lot of Drama, is the opposite of Casper. She is fast, and fussy and will shake her head violently when you ride her unless you braid her bushy forelock. (Ponies!) She was broke out the typical way around these parts, complete with western saddle and shank bit and oversized rider, so I have had to convince the pony that I will not (a) hurt her mouth (b) flop on her kidneys or (c) annoy her in any way and it is ok to (a) slow down and (b) relax. But she is getting it and as I have mentioned before, I love ponies. This one is a medium, 13.1, a POA/Welsh mix. The girls who rescued her got her ground manners solid and did a lot of ground work, and have now passed her along to me for riding. She’s five, so a perfect age to begin serious work.

We hope to get her to the A shows eventually (of course with someone else up – I’m too old for ponies even if I’m still reasonably size appropriate for them). But you know, first we have to get the head flipping and, well, drama to stop so you’ll be hearing about her for a while! (And yes, she is scheduled for a power float – but she flips in a halter too so it’s not just about teeth).

So those are my two new projects. Of course I’ve still got the VLC, who is the turtle when it’s warm out and the hare when it’s chilly, LOL! He is very much tuned in to the weather. If it’s 85, I could ride him in a halter through a field full of mares in heat and he wouldn’t have the energy to raise an ear. Memo for future: Send him to big AQHA shows in very hot climates and watch the points mount up!

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