This is why I love my Very Large Colt

I haven’t ridden him in a few weeks. I left my girth at the SAFE show, and nothing else I have works on him, and I’ve been busy with other horses and working and you all know the drill. So today I climbed on him and he was…

exactly the same as always. Quite lazy, actually. Walk, trot, canter…didn’t do a single thing wrong. Someone was actually watering the arena with a hose while I was riding…he didn’t blink. Oh, and I longed him yesterday and someone had left a tarp in the arena. He bulged out a little and trotted over it without blinking. He’s going to be such a good trail horse – he really ought to be owned by someone who isn’t so chickenshit about trail riding!

This is why he rocks. I have ridden a lot of 20+ year olds who get a few weeks off and it’s like they just came off the range the first time you get back on.

He is awesome. I love him. I gave him a nice bath and detangled his tail (which is thicker than my own hair, and that’s saying something) by hand. Then I did the same to the Crabby Old Bat, who was highly annoyed at the beauty treatment and responded by whipping her tail violently back and forth and whacking me in the face with it. Gotta love old broodmares…

Meanwhile, I have actually gotten off my dead butt and started working with my yearling. He is such a smart little snot. I pulled him out last night and longed him and he was kind of all over, and then today? Longeing like a superstar. Which is great, because I want to put him out on a big circle because of his age and now I can do that because he’s staying out there and not requiring much guidance to keep going. We just walk and trot but he is being very, very good. I thought for about a minute about how cool it would be to take him to a show for yearling longe line and then I remembered he’s butt ugly at present. Just use google to find a picture of a yearling Thoroughbred. Now paint it yellow. Now you know what he looks like. Blech. Seriously, the only thing he got from his dad is his color and his wavy tail. Everything else is from his mother, who wound up a very attractive 17 hand Thoroughbred mare but was probably extremely hideous at 18 months also…

So I’ll put up a picture of when he was a baby and still cute. You will all see more pictures of him around…um…2011.

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