That annoying, frustrating thing that you can’t fix!

I wish I could learn to have an eye for distance. I don’t have it. I’ve NEVER had it, and because of that, I’ve never tried to jump anything bigger than 2’6. I had my trainer at the time try to train it into me, with all of the usual drills involving counting, or practicing seeing distances while on foot or driving the car or whatnot…it just didn’t help much. My depth perception isn’t great or something. I can see a polo ball and whack it just fine but that’s because it’s right next to my horse. Trying to look ahead of me, I don’t see my jumping distance until it is too late to adjust nicely.

(That’s a great big reason someone else will be showing the VLC)

There are riding flaws that can be fixed with work, and riding flaws that seem to be insurmountable. I used to pump at the canter as a child; that turned out to be a matter of no trainer who had been able to explain how not to do that. I finally figured it out myself and stopped doing it, but there’s no such easy fix for the distance thing.

Do you have a frustrating riding flaw that you just can’t seem to fix that is preventing your ability to progress in your chosen discipline? I hear a lot of dressage riders who are having issues with sitting trot given their bad backs, for example. What’s yours, if any?

I will have a full report on the SAFE show but I’m waiting for pictures. It seems to be my show to end up riding barely-broke grey Arabians. Go figure. I still can’t figure out my own fear issues…it’s like, certain horses I’m just immediately confident and fine on, and others I just know I’m not going to be able to do it anymore. It doesn’t even have anything to do with how they’re acting. It’s just weird. But more on that later…

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