Nope, not dead, just busy!

I’ve been busy and so the VLC’s only been getting ridden about once a week, although we did have a super nice ride in the french link happy mouth bit I borrowed. He definitely prefers that bit, as many of you predicted! I am not taking him to the SAFE show because (a) they don’t have any stalls and I don’t think that’s a good first show situation for him and (b) they decided not to allow stallions. We will find another schooling show for him to go to in the next month or so. However, as you can see from this (admittedly crappy cell phone pic), he continues to be, um, not exactly a wild and crazy guy. (The misty effect is my friend’s finger…LOL!)

The new plan was to take Honey to the show, but I have noticed Honey’s back bothering her and the vet
determined yesterday that he’d like to see her get an adjustment before we proceed with any further under-saddle work. Karen came and picked her up and I did climb on her with a halter and lead rope bareback and show her how quiet her OTTB was now. Honey is such a sweetheart!

The nice thing is that she will have a home with Karen no matter what her physical issues are. My vet suspects an old pelvic or hip fracture as she flexes a little sore on the ankle (what I thought was the problem) but very sore when she is flexed “high” to stress the hip/pelvic region. He also felt she had some arthritis in her neck (she does have an obvious old neck injury, with visibly asymmetrical muscle development). She trots out sound without weight and a little off with weight, but I noticed her getting sore toward the point of the hip and we decided to have her examined. I’m glad we did, and I hope that a chiropractor can help her be comfortable and happy for some light trail riding, which is all Karen would like for her to be able to do.

Bessie goes home on Tuesday and the plan is to give her a break until the baby’s weaned and then resume training in October. She is steady as a rock to ride – just needs further education about what the aids mean. Her former owner is theorizing that she may have been packed with, which actually makes a lot of sense as she has no reaction to the girth or anything that you do on her or anything that happens around her. (The last time I rode her, several cats bolted through the round pen. She couldn’t have cared less. She is a superstar!) However, as one of my roomies pointed out, dead deer don’t use leg aids. Nope, guess they don’t. That really would explain a lot of her mysterious training level – bombproof to ride, but totally uneducated! Her filly Libby got halter broke this last week and is learning to lead. She was not thrilled at first, but learns quickly and is figuring out giving to pressure very well.

Bullwinkle also got halter broke, but he is pretty disgruntled right now. Of course, he also got shots and weaned and his first trailer ride and I think the combination of all of those things have fried his furry little mind. He is on his way to his new life and I’m very happy for him!

With horses leaving, another project has arrived. Casper is a three year old APHA filly that was rescued and given to Cowgirl Spirit Rescue Drill Team. She has matured incredibly over the summer – she was a classic example of something that might have chronologically been old enough to ride, but one look told you she just wasn’t there yet. Now she has filled out and looks ready to carry a rider. Since Casper is small and Juliane feels too tall on her, I’m taking over her training. She has had 3 or 4 rides on her and has been very cooperative so far. She’s great about most things and has already attended a couple of CSRDT events as a “spokeshorse” for the rescue! This one is going to be a lot of fun. I’m not sure what her niche is going to be yet, but we will find out.

I also climbed on another old broodie this week to evaluate her under saddle. Well, she’s not old, she’s only ten. She’s had some very nice babies but was also a sweetheart to ride – despite the fact that she most likely has no post-track training, she rode off very quietly and even stood motionless for me to mount. Also, no herdbound behavior which is unusual — usually when you take one of these broodies away from the other horses, they act like the sky is falling, but not this girl. Like Bessie, she was actually lazy which I am coming to appreciate more and more as I get older. 😉 She is looking for a new home which could be breeding, riding or a combination of both. Both sire and dam are stakes winners. E-mail me if you would like to know more.

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