Pets tend to resemble their owners!

One of my personal failings is that I’m just not that patient. I’m fine with horses, but with traffic, long lines, and people who cannot make up their minds, I have a pretty low boiling point. So it should come as no surprise that so does my VLC. I decided tonight that we were going to simply work on standing still by the mounting block. I wasn’t going to get on. I tacked him up and free longed for a while and then we were just going to work on patiently standing still next to the block. Not fidgeting, not barging past, not backing up. Just standing there and being praised for standing there.


The VLC is like his owner. He doesn’t want to F around, he wants to get out there and get working. He couldn’t figure out why were screwing around just standing there. He got highly annoyed. First he tried to turn around and nibble on my feet on the block. I pulled his head straight. He barged forward. He backed up. He swung his hindquarters. I just kept bringing him back to stand and praising him when he did stand.

He decided I was an idiot and this was the stupidest thing ever. He even stomped his back feet a few times. I growled, he quit.

Finally, after at least 15 minutes, he gave out the long-suffering “God, my owner is a prize moron” sigh and stood still and relaxed. I got off the block, took him inside, put him away and detangled his tail while he finished his dinner. I am not sure whether or not he learned patience, but maybe we took a step in the right direction.

I also rode Honey tonight. The BTM continues to be just extremely good. She stood like a statue for mounting, was bending to the right better than ever before, and is really getting the hang of backing up now. We’ve started to work a little bit on neck reining. She is such a kind, cooperative mare and she just feels solid underneath you – you know? She is relaxed, even when she’s fast – she’s not a nervous Nelly at all.

We have some changes coming here. Lucy, the black mare from the Enumclaw sale, is heading off to Stephanie Korhel’s barn for the intensive ground work she needs to get over her fears about humans. I think being in a busy training barn with lots of handling will be good for Lucy, who I suspect has sat in a field popping out babies with minimal handling for years now. Meanwhile, I have a new project coming in. Bessie, who is actually my old mare Kit’s daughter, has been sold to a new owner and is coming in for 30 days’ refresher training. She has also been just a broodie for years now with the exception of a few bareback rides last summer, but she isn’t scared or spooky. It’s pretty obvious nobody has ever been mean to Bessie. She thinks humans are creatures that supply alfalfa and horse cookies, and so does her month-old adorable bay filly (by the VLC, one of his two from before I owned him). I’m so excited that she’s coming here and I’ll get to play with the VLC’s first daughter. Aren’t they cute?

Finally, some more exciting news – the VLC’s first colt, Bullwinkle, has been sold to a reader of the blog. He’s out of a mare even bigger than the VLC, so I think he’ll max out at 16.2 or bigger. His future will be dressage and trail riding, and he is heading to Idaho as soon as he is weaned this fall! I have strongly suggested that he get his own blog. 🙂
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