Scary Places to Ride?

A new post is coming soon about the VLC with pictures and maybe even video, but in the meantime, here’s a good thread for us…

What are the scariest places to ride? You know what I mean – not necessary a cliff with a drop off, but barns and show arenas that just seem designed to create accidents, with a million skeery things to spook and way too damn much going on?

I’m going to vote for the L.A. Equestrian Center. I used to work polo ponies for a guy who lived adjacent to LAEC and paid for riding privileges on the property. LAEC has, I don’t know, probably six arenas and a track that goes all the way around the property, but the track isn’t really soft enough to work horses on. You can walk on it, maybe trot a bit after a rain. We had to take horses all the way around to the back of the property on the track – which is adjacent the freeway, that was fun – then you pass around the back of the property where the horses can hear the other horses inside but not see them through the hedges and stuff. Oh, and you know what comes down the track every five seconds? Trail strings with out of control trail riders running up your horse’s butt. And joggers with off-leash yappy little dogs running under your horses.

You enter through a narrow archway which has paddocks used for turnout lining the left side of it, so usually you enter with some stallkept psycho horse blasting around like he’s on crack back and forth in a small paddock on your left. Usually more than one.

You then get to proceed to an arena to ride, and the place is Grand Central Station. Actually, Grand Central is probably quieter. Different things going on in every ring or – better yet – some organized event like the gay rodeo. You think I’m making this up? Ha. Either you’ve got cowboys in purple flounces or minis with carts or saddlebreds – you just never have a clue what you will encounter. It is like an equine Halloween House of Horrors, with weird shit everywhere, just waiting to jump out at you. And then they drag and water the rings every three seconds which is fine after your horse has adjusted to the idea of tractors spewing water fountains coming by without warning. So I am gonna vote for LAEC as my all time Least Favorite Place to Ride (particularly if you’re a chickenshit re-rider!)

What’s yours?

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