Time Management 101

Worthy of its own thread…

In the last post, the question was asked: “How do other people make time, schedule for, accomplish riding/training when working full-time, raising kids, etc.? “

I can’t speak to having kids, but I do work two jobs. I work 7 to 5 Monday through Friday and 9 to 5 Saturday and Sunday with a thirty mile one way commute to each.

Here’s my weekday:

5:00 AM – feed and pick stalls
5:30 AM – shower
6:15 AM – trudge into Starbucks, LOL
7:00 AM – 5:00 PM – work. Often involves running to the feed store on lunch.
6:15 PM – arrive home, change, trudge out to barn and begin feeding and picking stalls
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM is when I ride. Yes, we have a sort-of-lighted indoor.

I do not cook. I live off of Taco Bell when I’m poorer or premade stuff from Whole Foods when I am having a better money week. If traffic is bad, that means I’m in the barn until 10 PM.

Weekends are a repeat of the weekdays except I get to sleep in until 7 AM.

When I had a more high-powered job, in Los Angeles, I used to answer all of my e-mails as I was cooling out at the end of rides, on my Blackberry. While I am sure no safety expert would recommend this, it does work. You can also do that sort of thing as you’re supervising a foot soaking, or holding horses for the farrier. (Just do not move to the PNW and drown your Blackberry in the horse pasture in the AM. I know from experience – they do not swim.)

I have always thought one of the most important things about actually getting the horses worked is not to lose your forward momentum. Do not try to go home first and then go to the barn – if you can, go straight from work or go at a set time every day no matter what. Trust me, once your butt makes contact with the couch it is going to take dynamite to get it off of there and out to the barn. That’s any of us.

Past that I’d say: set a goal. For example, my goal with the VLC has been 3x a week and I have stuck to that. Get a calendar and make big red X’s when you do it. Or give yourself a gold star for each horse ridden. Whatever works! You’ll love it when you can look back on a month and see your progress. I don’t care how old you are, you’ll feel good when you see that line of stars!

Oh, I also seriously recommend Diet RockStar. I LIVE off of Diet RockStar. Diet RockStar should advertise here, because without their product, my schedule would not be possible! I am immune to caffeine, having ingested massive quantities of it from about age 8 onward, but Diet RockStar actually wakes me up.

What about the rest of you? How do you get your riding/training done amid the rest of your busy busy life?

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