And the race is on…

So the VLC had two days off in a row, which does happen sometimes due to my schedule, general uncontrollable exhaustion on my part or – in the case of last night – high winds that made the loose piece of sheet metal whack repeatedly into the barn. We decided those were not optimum conditions for riding three year olds and gave them the night off.

Every time I give him two days off in a row, I regret it. It’s not that he’s bad. He’s never been bad. But two days off and we’re back to quick, quick, quick. Any trace of a soft, balanced trot is gone again and he wants to race. What he really wants to do is lope, I suppose, but I was all alone in the barn and I’m just not going to start doing that without witnesses, especially after reading all the stories from those of you who didn’t get fireworks until you tried to move past the walk-trot stage!

As I’ve mentioned before, he really hates having his face pulled on, and I don’t want to pull on his face since his naturally low headset is exactly what’s desirable, so when he’s quick I just open my inside rein and we do circles until he starts to slow down. So that’s what we did. It’s not that he didn’t slow down, it just took a long time, LOL! He is getting fit and it is STILL cold here (well, mid 50s but heck, it’s June, what kind of crap is that?). If only it would shoot back to 75, we really do have a nice trot in there somewhere.

I do know better than to complain about “too forward.” Beats the alternative!

Someone tell me about the 100 degree heat you have to work horses in so that I’ll appreciate the cold and wet PNW!

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