Do you have a plan?

I know we’ve talked about goals before, but this is a little different. I am wondering if you have a plan for your riding in terms of how many days a week you will ride, and what you intend to accomplish in a specific ride?

Riding is a lot like home improvement. It always seems that more gets done when you actually have a plan in mind. I mean, you can sit and look at the Thing That Needs Fixin’ for six months or you can decide that, this Saturday morning, you will get out of the house no later than 10 AM and proceed to the hardware store with your list of things needed to make that repair. Guess which scenario results in a Fixed Thing? We all know the answer to that!

Whether we’ve got a green horse, are battling confidence issues, or both, we all know that it’s soooo easy to justify not riding! If you don’t have a plan, it’s even easier. When you have a plan, you have to admit when you fail to follow the plan. You’re making yourself accountable to yourself – which usually works awesome as we’re all our own worst critics!

My plan with the VLC has been to ride 3x a week. I’m pretty much doing that – I try for every other day but maybe once a week I slip and it’s every third day. I rode him Wednesday and then I rode him Saturday and then I rode him Monday and then I slipped again tonight. Well, by 8:45 I was covered in mud and water from trying to drag hose to water the new rescue mare, and you know, at that point in the evening, if you go back to the cozy house to change clothes, you just know you are not coming back out again. So I fed the VLC and tucked him in for the night.
The pic of the VLC and me is from Monday of this week. I keep trying to get decent pictures in the indoor. And failing. And we have no outdoor, nor any decent place to ride outside that does not have loose horses in it. That’d be bad.

What I should get better about is specific goals for each ride. I don’t usually do that. I mean, I think maybe today we’ll put the bit in his mouth, maybe today I’ll ask for a few steps of backing up, but I know some of you have your training plans all planned out with far more specificity than I do. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t adjust those for bad weather, greenie moods, lack of personal fortitude on a particular day, or the occasional jack donkey in a trailer in the parking lot that renders the VLC unrideable…but I still suspect those of you with really good plans get more done.

So which kind of rider are you? If you’re not a planner at all, would it help if you were? How about trying to make a thirty day plan to see if it helps you? If you are a planner, how are you doing sticking to your plan, and did you always ride/train this way or did you have to develop it as you got older as a method of getting things done because your life has become more jam-packed and if you don’t actually pencil in riding, it won’t happen?
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