I had to look that one up, but I bet I will hear that a lot of you suffer from it!

Due to my busy vacation schedule 🙂 I had to ride the VLC early yesterday morning. We have had a cold snap here and it was only in the 40’s. Well, needless to say the same VLC that is semi-catatonic in 70 degrees is a very different creature at 7 AM at 45 degrees when he hasn’t even had his breakfast yet.

(For the record, he is pretty sure riding before breakfast is against the terms of his union agreement, and I caught him calling AQHA on my cell phone to see what sort of penalties I am subject to for this grievous violation…)

I always turn him loose in the arena before I ride but this time he put on a big show. Galloping, bucking, bucking, bucking. When it seemed like it was over, I went to get on. He trotted off when I was halfway on. I pulled up hard and he shook his head violently.

This is the point at which the Right Brain starts talking.

Right Brain: Um, he is going to launch your ass. It’s 7 AM, nobody is around. You are gonna die. You are finally on vacation and now you are going to die and not even get to enjoy it. A smart person would get off and just longe him.

Left Brain: MEOW MEOW, you know what I think you are if you do that! Cowboy up or whatever and make him work. What are you going to do next winter? The World Show is in November, ya know. Bet it’s not always toasty warm in Oklahoma in November.

Right Brain: But what if I get hurt?

Left Brain: You have health insurance, which is more than you had all of those years you were doing this for a living. Work the damn horse.

Left brain, as usual, won and I decided we would do a lot of circles and figure 8’s and bending to keep his brain occupied. That kinda, sorta worked. He definitely had mischief on his mind and threw several defiant little head-shaking fits. Fortunately they never escalated into anything more and after we trotted for about 5 minutes, I felt the hump come out of the back and he flattened out. He actually rode really well, with no balking episodes or rubbernecking moments, and I wound up being happy I didn’t wuss out. It’s nice when luck is on your side! I’ve got to ask though – who else gets nervous the second the temperature drops because you just know they are going to be feistier than they are when it’s warm out?

So how’s everybody else? I know there were a lot of horseshows this weekend – how did you all make out? I will be back to my normal blogging schedule on Tuesday!

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