Two down…none of them me!

Disclaimer: For those who are going to have a cow about my lack of a helmet, this has been covered before. You aren’t going to change my mind and I fully support your right to have different feelings on this than I do. Please don’t bore the class…

I did it. I put the first ride on the Small Spotted Gelding, and without any of the shaking and silliness that characterized the VLC’s first two rides!

(Am I actually getting over myself? Probably just until I get dumped, LOL!)

I was much more nervous about this one, though I wasn’t showing the same physical signs of freaking out. A lot of it is just that I don’t know him as well. Cheesy though it sounds, the VLC and I have a bond and I really did not ever believe he would hurt me. (At least not, you know, in a get-the-fuck-off-my-back sort of a way). This one has a bond to his mom, Josie, and seems to tolerate me only because she would like him to.

The good news is, this meant he dealt with the very new experience by cozying up to Mom and trusting her. I am not quite sure what happens when we have to actually leave Mom and get to work, but I guess we shall see! For tonight, he was more than happy to walk quietly as long as Mom was at his head, though he did display the drunken sailor walk I am used to with green horses. The VLC never did that – I am not sure that, given his size, he really notices my weight at all.

All in all, a nice uneventful ride. Walked both directions, first being led and then on our own. No goofiness at all. Even dealt with a little use of leg. Couldn’t use the Stubben as planned because we failed to plan for a pony girth!

(See, you all have to admit, this is my size to ride. This is me on 13.3 hands. Looks much more sensible than me on 16.2 hands, doesn’t it? Damn hunt seat judges…)

The SSG’s training will continue, but he is for sale and we’d love to find him a great home so please feel free to inquire if you think you might have a use for a large spotted pony! He has really fabulous ground manners and has had a lot of ground work. He is half mustang, half some kind of PMU draft/spotted draft sort of cross. At 13.3 at age 3, I think it’s a safe bet he’ll stay a large pony.
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