One down…one to go today!

I am having a wonderful week off of work at present, so I headed out at noon to ride the VLC. I love working green horses in the warmest part of the day. Let’s face it, they don’t have any more energy than we do when it’s warm. Your odds of getting a drama-free ride are greatly increased when it’s warm and humid as it is here right now.

Can I just say again how much I love this horse? He was absolutely perfect today and…we cantered! We didn’t really mean to but a loose cow (yeah, that sort of thing happens here) came up to the arena gate and bellowed at him just as I was getting into the trot and off he loped. He didn’t seem to have any desire to combine any sort of misbehavior with said lope, so I let him go down the wall before easing back into a trot for the corner.

Oh…my…god…he is so smooth!

Everything else today was good also. He loves being ridden in the halter and was displaying far fewer dramatics about the evil piece of metal in his mouth. I rode with the reins on the halter again; maybe next ride we’ll put a pair on the bit as well and start playing with that, at least at the walk. He was just in one of those good, really responsive moods – which surprised me as just minutes earlier he’d been screaming at the mares in the field and galloping around the indoor like a bat out of hell. I am so happy to report that he seems to really understand the difference between appropriate times to act like a stallion and times he had darn well better act like a gelding.

Oh, and he stood perfectly still for the cinch. Didn’t move once today. Mounting, still antsy but I think in time he will realize resistance is futile – after many years of riding OTTB’s, it truly doesn’t faze me a bit if you walk off. I also did a more traditional dismount today, where I kept my left foot in the stirrup until I swung my other leg over, and he didn’t care about that. I haven’t mounted from the ground yet but I do need to work toward doing that. Maybe I need some yoga first…that stirrup is certainly way up there on him!

So now I’ve decided I’m having a good day and I should get on the SSG (Small Spotted Gelding) this evening. You may recall I’ve been procrastinating this for several weeks now. Never mind that the SSG has had ten times the ground work and prep that the VLC ever had, the SSG is fast, scooty and half mustang and I am a tad bit intimidated. But hey, his owner has a Stubben Siegfried for me to ride in, and really, the day I fall off one of those overstuffed couches is the day you can all laugh at me with my blessing. So I am definitely going to do it tonight (was thinking about it last night, but then we had a foaling here – and yes, I will post pics later!) – wish me luck, everybody!

It’s funny how we all have our fear zones, isn’t it? I am totally comfy on OTTB’s. I never worry about getting on a new one. What scares me is anything mustang-y or grade with that look in the eye – you know the one – or the kind of Arab that spooks at every falling leaf. Do you have a certain “comfort zone” type of horse, and conversely do you have a certain breed or type that you always worry about having to ride?

P.S. Welcome to the world little sis! This is a full sibling to the VLC except this is destined to be a VLF. 🙂

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