Want a quiet horse? Be quiet!

I’ve mentioned Halfpassgal here before. From what I’ve seen, I’m a huge fan. Yeah, she’s young enough to be fearless but I think we can all – fearless or not – benefit from watching how she handles explosions. Watch how quiet she is, how straight her back is, and how she sets up her upper body so that she stays on the horse. She does not lose her temper. She disciplines when appropriate but then it’s over and she’s back to being quiet. The horse is always rewarded for doing the right thing. I know someone already posted here that they thought about her riding and it saved their ass when their horse did something unexpected.

The thing I love the most here is that as far as I’m concerned, she’s a rescuer. If she wasn’t able to work through these horses’ issues, eventually they were heading nowhere good. She is proof positive about what I always say – it’s not the horse. A good enough rider really can work through the issues with virtually any horse. Riding lessons for you will fix so many issues that you think are the horse’s – you just won’t believe the difference, particularly if you’re self taught and haven’t ridden with a good trainer before.


I’m going to see a mare tomorrow that was also reformed by the right young, talented rider. This mare was decreed to be “untrainable” by a Big Name Hotshot Kinda Trainer. Um, yeah. Well, now she’s basically dead quiet and works cows and trail rides and crosses bridges and…you get the picture. The whole thing makes me giggle. I think Big Name Hotshot round penned her to death and shook ropes at her and all of that silly shit, and this girl’s had the common sense to just be quiet with her and not expect bad behavior.
Look at the wild, untrainable mare. LOL.

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