Check in time: How are we doing?

OK it’s been three weeks since the Post Your Goals post…how are we doing?

I am pleased to report that I am a bit ahead of schedule. I said I was going to have a solid walk/trot on the VLC and be riding him inside and outside in the round pen by Memorial Day, and we’re already there. Plus we’ve done our first bareback ride! The progress has very little to do with me, LOL. He is just a great horse and I got lucky!

I need to add some goals here. The way it’s worked out is that the VLC is so freakin’ easy and enjoyable to ride that I have no problem at all riding him regularly. I want to ride him! He’s easy, he’s sweet, he’s smooth, what’s not to like? I’ve ridden 15 year old show horses who were less broke than he is after 12 rides. So now I have to kick it up a notch. Now I have to make myself get on the Small Spotted Gelding – who has a stubborn streak, and is pretty darn fast, and is half mustang and for some reason that alone makes me nervous. I seem to have a deep seated belief that all mustangs are wild asses, probably due to the fact that in all of these years, I’ve never ridden a mustang. Not once. I have heard lots of wild mustang breaking stories from trainer friends…but, again, this is a half mustang that was born in captivity and has actually had much more consistent and extensive ground work than the VLC. He doesn’t know he’s a mustang, and he’s a large pony, and I love that size!

So why am I procrastinating just getting on? I think I’ve decided that I can’t possibly get lucky with a greenie that does nothing wrong twice, and this is the one where my luck is going to run out. So I’m gonna put myself on the spot – I will get on the SSG by Memorial Day. I will.

OK, what about the rest of you? (And if you’ve already posted, or put it on the message board, just update us again – I have a mind like a sieve lately!)

Ellen, how’s your herd? You have got your hands full! So glad SOMEONE is making an effort to break out the old broodies. We need more like you – those old girls need the help!

Fssunnysd, got that saddle on the horse yet?

Masquerade, I know you’re on the same schedule as I am – how’s the walk/trot coming?

Skint, have you got that mare coming when you call yet? (The VLC comes like a well trained dog. Carrot whore.)

Beautiful Disaster, how is the silly mare doing?

Which_Chick, you started yours about the same time as mine, how’s yours doing?

ChipNCharlie. did the PITA boarders move out and can you use the arena now?

Whoa Mare, how’s it going? I want to lose another 10 lbs. too – today is day two of eating in a manner that will accomplish that and not stuffing my face full of Taco Bell because it’s cheap and convenient!

Icepony, I know you got on the horse – did you do it again? 🙂

Fanoffugly, have you gotten on the big one yet? Neb, have you taken a lesson yet, or at least investigated trainer possibilities?

Twisty, how is Stanley and have you held it together for that lap around the ring yet? Stanley sounds adorable by the way, you should post pictures. (HTML is what works for those wanting to post links – you can’t use the IMG tag but you can use the regular link tags)

3CatCrazy, did you get back on your horse? (I got a 4th cat, BTW. I am more crazy than you!)

Queen Skankarella (great handle!), how is your greenie coming along?

Artdoc, are you on track to start riding yours next month? How is your knee feeling?

DC, have you gotten on yet? If you need a blog reader for moral support/ground person, post your location – odds are we can hook you up!

Barngal – did you start your Big Cool Guy back to work? How is your knee holding up? (I swear, one day we’ll just blog about our age related aches and pains and whine to each other. My damn back is killing me.)

4Horses&Holding – you’ve got your hands full too! How are they all coming along?

Char, how are you doing? I think you should make your mom ride the spooky gelding if she gives you any crap, LOL!

ReadyToRide – how is the Appy metamorphosis coming along? Has he figured out the jog yet? (The VLC has not. He now wants to long trot – or stop. I was pleased that the trot was more relaxed tonight. He is figuring out he can cover ground without being quick.)

Char, did you find a place to ride?

Truthseeker, did you manage to adjust your work schedule so you’d have more time to ride?

Lisa, how is your filly doing? We are aiming for our first show in August, too!

Gorillakeeper, have you put those cool boots into stirrups yet?

Liri, is project horse realizing the sunscreen is not pepper spray? 🙂

Crazyhorse, you’re already ahead of me if you can put a western saddle on the Doofus yourself. I need to go to the gym, too! How are you guys doing?

Ellie, is your boy staying sound?

Morganhorselover, did you get your mouthy boy to knock it off? That can be a hard, hard habit to fix.

Dante, you and your pony sound like a match made in Heaven! Have a fun summer.

Danielle, hope you were reading the day we determined, um CnJ determined, that my colt was leaning because I was leaning. Yours probably is too! Throw a little more weight into your outside stirrup and outside seat bone and see if that fixes your going-left issue.

Liz, well, we can all read your blog to see what you’re doing! BTW, guys, I think blogging is a really good way to keep yourself on track. People will bug you if they don’t hear from you. Trust me.

ApocalypsePony – how is the VSG and has he figured out that you are not a mountain lion?

Jackie – retraining those sour overschooled show horses is a pain. How is your girl doing? Starting to listen to heels that don’t have points on them?

Cutthecrap – Have you started working with your OTTB mare? How is she doing?

Heidi the Hick – I know you’re progressing on your certification. Are you riding three times a week? That is about what I’ve been riding… 3-4. I need to step that up (not all on the VLC but the others who need it)

Quietann – Have you survived the dreaded hacking out alone session? I feel the same way. I don’t like the open but I REALLY do not like it when I am alone!

I Am Who I Am – Have you ridden yet? That birthday is coming… 🙂

Horsegal984 – Are you going to do the May 31st show? Let us know, and of course we want pics!

Redsmom – Did you do the May 10th show? How did it go?

BigPaintHorse – Showing really isn’t that scary. That is why they have schooling shows, where you can wear what’s comfortable and it’s just not that much work. I’d start there!

Oh and congrats to KarenV who just got herself the most gorgeous OTTB gelding ever…with a show record a mile long. He is a bit thin but nothing stays that way very long at her house!

And the rest of you…come on, let’s see your goals! If I am going to risk humiliating myself on an international level by chickening out of any of mine, so can you! 😉

I am gonna hit publish post and then I really do have to get on that very quick little part-mustang critter within the next twelve days…

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