What are you procrastinating with your horse?

I’ll bet each one of us has something – some specific thing – that they know they really need to work on with their horse, but for whatever reason, we just don’t want to do it. Maybe it’s scary, maybe it’s hard, maybe it didn’t go well last time and now we’re intimidated. Maybe it’s just not something we enjoy doing with any horse!

With the VLC, our “thing” is picking up feet. He will pick them up readily enough and keeping them up long enough to pick isn’t a big deal. However, the other day, he had his first farrier appointment since I acquired him. Uh, apparently holding them up for longer than 10 seconds is a huge drama. He isn’t mean but he pulls away. Who knew? Fortunately I have a patient (and big, and strong) farrier and he got done.

So now I know that I should be working with this. But I have a bad back (whine, whine) and really, I’m not strong enough to outmuscle him anyway, so he’ll just get his hoof away from me and win and that is bad too (excuse, excuse). So yeah – I’m am procrastinating. He gets his hooves picked but I haven’t tried to make him hold one up for longer than that takes.

What are you procrastinating about?

And anybody got any great tricks for convincing a 1300 lb. colt that he really CAN balance on three legs? (That don’t involve hobbling him. Sorry, I just won’t risk it.)

P.S. If you missed it in the comments, I did ride #10 last night bareback in the round pen. He was PERFECT. Even let me get on from the panels on the second try with no one holding him. Did not even react when all of the loose horses in the pastures started running and bucking. Just stopped a few times to watch. Gosh, he’s great.

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