Relax, you’re not going to the Olympics!

I got home late last night thanks to a work meeting that ran two hours late and simultaneously exhausted and bored me to death. I bet a lot of you guys have been in that meeting, LOL!

I did my chores and no one was around the barn so I didn’t ride. I have progressed to riding all alone in the arena, but I still try not to do it when absolutely no one is around. Instead, I got the urge to groom. Not just your usual cursory brushing, but really groom – pick out the tails hair by hair, shorten the manes, do bridle paths, etc. The funny part is, did I do it on my VLC? No, he was outside and happy there. I did it on a couple of my Very Old Mares.

One of them was a show horse in her distant past – she’s a halter point earner in AQHA. That’s her below. I swear this horse loves to be fussed over. She was so happy I was spending all that time with her. She loves Show Sheen – she’ll stand there like you’re spraying her with perfume. (The 30+ year old Appaloooser thinks I am spraying her with acid rain). I polished all three mares up like they were going to a horseshow today, fed carrots and finally trudged back into the house at ten.

It was a great night with my horses.

Do you ever take a day or a night like that to just fuss over your horse? No riding. No work. No expectations. Nothing more strenuous than maybe hand-grazing them if they’re in a situation where they don’t normally get grass.

Sometimes, it’s not such a bad idea. Let yourself off the hook. Unless you are being paid to do so, you do not have to ride every night. You’re not going to the Olympics. The only person who needs to be happy with your progress is you. And you know how you feel all organized and in control when you get your house really clean? It’s kind of the same with your horse. Get those snarls out of the mane, scrub the white parts white, and you might just feel more in control in general! (Not to mention your horse won’t look like it belongs on my other blog, hehehe…)
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