Yes! He wants to do what I want to do!

I know, I know, no riding pictures. Exhausted photographer crashed early – she was up at 5 with the newborn llama I discovered when I went out to water! So instead, I will give you my favorite candid of the VLC yawning. 🙂

But yeah, #7 was another great ride on the VLC. Here’s the fun part. The first couple times we trotted, he had the little foot dragging jog and wasn’t showing much desire to work any harder. I was just thinking that I was going to have to scrap my hunt seat plans for him (although the thought of buying a nice Chavez saddle dripping with silver didn’t exactly pain me…) when, previous ride, he decided to trot out going to the left. Well, I guess he liked it as tonight we had this beautiful long trot both directions!

In fact, he would have cantered if I’d let him but I checked him back. I just don’t want to do it yet. He’s not balanced at the trot – it’s not time.

I’m so pleased he has a motor though! I didn’t think he had it in him.

I think next ride we will do some trotting figure 8’s. He is trotting circles using half the arena with no problem, so I think figure 8’s will be fun and give him something new to think about.

Oh, and both directions, he halted from a trot in just a few steps and stood motionless until I asked him to move forward. What a good boy!

All right, tomorrow night I gotta work with the SSG again…maybe I’ll get on. We shall see how it goes!

Who else is riding during the week even though they are tired and have to kick themselves in the ass and make themselves do it? Tell me I’m not alone here!

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