If fear were no object…

Interesting discussion for today:

What would you still like to accomplish in your riding career if fear were no object? If you could totally get over it and just ride the way that you know you can?

I’d have to say I’d love to do a little cross-country jumping…if I could ever get over my fear of riding in the open where there is no wall to bounce off of to stop! You know, the kind where the fences aren’t too big. Like they do in Europe on the riding vacations for all of the scaredy cat Americans. LOL.

How about the rest of you?

Had to edit to add a picture of the VLC. I remembered the post about not trying to do things when you’re exhausted, and I was exhausted last night, so I just worked him in the round pen. (And put polo wraps on him for the first time…hilarious. You’d have thought they were soaked with acid. Then he did the Saddlebred walk stepping off wearing them. Too funny! He’s so quiet about stuff you’d think would excite him, like horses blasting off running right next to him. But skeeery things like polo wraps…OMG!) Tonight, we’ll do ride number…wow, I think we are up to six!
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