Happy Birthday to the VLC!

Yes, today the VLC turned three years old. He was a very cute baby – I wish I had more pictures but I do have this one of him hiding behind his mom.

In honor of his birthday, I decided we were going to do ride #5. He was not sure how that was a birthday present, but I promised him lots of cookies afterward – if he was good. I told you guys he was a snot about his girth yesterday. Well, today I warily passed my hand under his stomach to get his cinch, watching for hooves all the time and he decided to do something new. He defiantly threw his head – and whacked it right into the post he was tied to.

Um, not so smart, big boy. He was VERY surprised. Apparently it does not feel so good when you whack your head into a wood post about ten inches in diameter. He was so surprised that he stood without incident for the rest of the saddling. I love it when they train themselves!

That was the only bad thing he did all night. He was absolutely perfect under saddle. We worked on doing nice round circles, and we trotted all the way around the arena once! He gave the goat that was tied outside to graze a look and a sidestep, but that was all. Not one whinny at the mustangs outside. Not one moment of misbehavior. Oh, and we worked on halting and he was so much better than yesterday. He totally seems to get it now that the second you stop and stand, I drop the reins and pet you.

Have I mentioned how much I love this horse today? He is a lifer. I would not sell him for a million zillion dollars. 🙂

Oh and before I rode him, I went out and rode one of Save A Forgotten Equine’s OTTB rescue mares, Little Miss. This mare is a doll! She was an animal control seizure but now is normal weight (actually she is overweight, LOL). If anybody would be interested in a small (15.1) bay TB mare with a very good brain, let me know. She is sound (hooves still being rehabbed, but legs clean and feels totally sound u/s), light sided but not stupid, has a wonderful “ho” on her, and needs someone to love her forever. She is a thin skinned princess who is bothered by the bugs, so she needs someone who will baby her a bit with a fly sheet. She is in the Seattle area and SAFE only does Seattle to Portland area adoptions so that someone can check on them and ensure they are truly safe forever. I had her pic on the other blog already but I’ll post another cute one here today.

Hope everybody has a great weekend full of wonderfully uneventful rides!

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