I hope you all have the ride I had today

Well, go figure. I am starting to think I have cured myself merely by blogging this out and hearing all of your stories!

I had the perfect third ride tonight. I mean, perfect. I have a witness 🙂

First of all, we started out being so, so, so much better about the girth! No kicking out, very minor fidgeting. I was thrilled and gave him a lot of praise for his good behavior. I had a feeling it was going to be a good night when I turned him loose to trot around with the saddle on, as I usually do, and he just wanted to mosey back to me and get petted some more. 🙂 I called my witness/ground person in and said we were going to go see if our ground work last night about standing still by the mounting block had helped.

OK, the darn colt stood like a freaking statue at the mounting block! After one night of working on it. He’s never done that before. He let me move the block, get it just right and get on. I was so surprised and so pleased. We went right to our goal of walking all the way around the arena and not staying in a teeny little Circle of Chickenshit. He wanted to stop at the back door and stare at the mustangs, but was convinced to move out with minimal effort.

After that? Seriously, the horse was perfect. He walked all the way around the arena and stayed on the wall as if he were already trained…with a headset that was show-ring ready. (And yes, Cut, I kept thinking of you saying lower my hands and pitch him away, and I did.) Never picked up his head, never tried to stop. Didn’t care what was going on outside. To the left he never even tried to bulge off the wall. We reversed through the middle and went to the other direction and he tried to bulge a little bit but it was easy to correct. He doesn’t mind leg at all – it’s so cool. Absolutely no pissy/swishy response to leg. (Yeah, I usually ride mares…LOL!)

So my ground person says “you gonna go for it and jog?” and I thought, ah, why not. I didn’t want to push him hard so I let him take his own time to break into the jog – just kept clucking, light leg, and saying “trot.” We probably jogged a third of the long way down the wall and then I just let him walk and petted him. He is so comfortable. Just a big couch. We walked one more time around and then I got off and he got major petting and berry treats.

The best part? I had no fear tonight. It just wasn’t there. I felt like I used to, confident, secure and relaxed. It was easy to be relaxed because, as my ground person pointed out, he was completely relaxed. Darn colt is acting like he’s been under saddle for a month. You know what? You can’t train in brains. He’s just got good sense and it’s such a joy to deal with a horse like that.

I love him. He is so awesome. He is the Best Colt Ever.

I know Masquerade had a similarly wonderful first ride today on her VLC so kudos to her! How about the rest of you? Who rode today? How did it go?

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