Post your goals!

OK everybody! Here we go, it’s time to make a plan where thousands of people can see it and where you will have to admit if you don’t get it done!

No pressure, of course… 😀

But the truth is, most of us need a little bit of a push in life. Think about your job. Deadlines, meetings, conference calls – there are things you have to get done by certain times, or everybody will know you screwed off. Nobody wants to be busted slacking! So let’s apply the same to our riding and help ourselves do what we need to do.

Here are my goals:

This weekend: Another ride on the VLC. Goal is to go all around the arena both directions and not stay in the Circle of Chickenshit, making a round-pen sized itty bitty circuit around my friend in some weird belief that nothing bad can happen as long as I do not attempt to walk past a Scary Door to the Outside World. Even though VLC is routinely turned out in the indoor, has looked out the doors MANY times, and has never done anything worse than whinny at the neighbor’s mustang stallions, for some reason those Scary Doors to the Outside World are intimidating to me.

By Memorial Day: We will be riding indoors and outside in the round pen, and will have a solid walk and trot.

By the 4th of July we will have ridden somewhere off the property, i.e. the local public use outdoor arena. We will be able to ride with other horses and still pay attention.

By my birthday, July 29th, we will be cantering. I am giving myself time for this. I want a really solid walk-trot first, and see nothing wrong with putting that on him, even though I understand it also has a lot to do with my personal comfort zone. Trotting builds muscle, and doing a nice lope without bad behavior is much easier for a horse that is fit and in condition as opposed to a weak horse (remember that, folks, it really is true – when their legs are everywhere and they are unfit you are WAY more likely to get the OMG I’m confused and uncoordinated buck).

BTW I grew up in polo and do not buy into the theory of “too fit.” I think it is nonsense. Horses do not misbehave from being too fit, at least not horses who are turned out daily, ridden regularly and fed intelligently. I believe fitness encourages good behavior and it certainly reduces your risk of the horse sustaining an injury. If “too fit” made them crazy and unrideable, how the hell do we play polo on OTTB’s that are routinely being cantered 20 minutes straight on the days they don’t play? You try to hit a polo ball off a crazy horse.

Our first show will be August 23rd. There are several walk-trot classes so we’ll be doing those.

I am off work the week before Labor Day and want to take him on a trail ride at least once. This is the hard one for me – I am Arena Girl. I am sooooo comfortable with walls around me, and have always been a nervous trail rider, even when I was young and would ride any orangutan in the arena. (Several bolts through the woods when young permanently scarred my psyche with regard to trail riding. I simply can’t relax and enjoy unless I’m on, like, my friend’s 23 year old Standardbred) So I am giving myself a long time before I do this – but I will do this.

OK, next?

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