What was your one moment in time?

Since we were all talking about our glory days in the 80’s, when we rode really well even if we did have ridiculous looking hair and fluorescent blue eyeshadow, do you remember that cheesy Whitney Houston song that I think they used for absolutely everything relating to the Olympics? You know, about that one moment of glory when you get it right?

Well, all of us chickenshit riders and re-riders could use some positive thinking, so let’s talk about it. Think back over your riding career and tell me about the moment when you got it right and got to bask in the glory!

One of mine: I bought my old farm from a rodeo guy. He had two rodeo horses, Buck and David. Buck was a big old buckskin in his teens and he lived up to his name by trying to buck me off up in the field while we were out riding the fenceline to see how far the property stretched. We came back in to the indoor and I went to lope off. He took the wrong lead so I stopped and tried again.

“Oh, he don’t take that left lead,” Rodeo Guy informed me. “I’ve had cowboys everywhere try. Don’t worry about it.”

Ahem. I am not about to lope around on the wrong lead. I do not think so.

I loped off on a half circle to the right. When I was almost at the wall, I swerved ol’ Buck violently to the left and threw my weight over for all I was worth. Ol’ Buck did a flying change and cantered away on his left lead. He seemed surprised, but not as surprised as his owner! I gloated my way around the arena several more times on the left lead, and I got introduced as The Girl Who Got Buck On The Left Lead for months afterward. 🙂

All right, next?

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